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War of 2012 is a strategy war game set in the a post apocalyptic earth  with thousands of human players! And it is free-to-play.

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War of 2012 is a free-to-play strategy war game set in a post apocalyptic era with thousands of players!

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Going through the cataclysm of 2012, leading your people to rediscover civilization, craft powerful equipment, trading, train elite troops, then leap into a new era..


War of 2012 Halloween Party!

Ghouls, Witches and Demons along with all types evil creatures have begun to ravage the lands of the new earth. Your scouts have reported the chaos originates from many NPC’s all across the world.

Intel points to powerful lords that have somehow been possessed with evil spirits may have something to do with it. All Demons of the underworld, especially the four Evil Warlords: The Mighty Ghoul Duke Agares, The Powerful Wraith Grand Duke Zepar, The Vampire Prince Nergal and the Witch Demon Azazel have been preparing for ages to unleash their wrath.

A group of powerful Viscounts have come together to offer a king's ransom as reward for anyone who can bring an end to their savagery.

By defeating one of these foes, you may have the chance to get one mystical treasure equipment with great untold power that used to belong to one of those Evil Warlords.

Are you the one?

During Halloween, we will together expect a round of exciting events and magic being showed up in new earth: 

 Event Time: From 2010-10-29 00:00:00 to 2010-11-04 23:59:59 (server time)

Open Beta of War of 2012 will start on Sep. 14th, 4 fantastic offers to get started!

War of 2012 will being Open Beta Testing on September 14th, 2010(server time)! Are you ready for the adventure?

No need to download the game! You can reach War of 2012 with a simple click! It brings you to a world of cataclysm, but through the chaos a new era of opportunity begins! Surviving or being erased out from the world, the fate of the world is in your hands!

We have more than just excitement to be expected on September 9th (server time), there will be 4 fantastic special offers as well: 

Open Beta Daily Pack 

We are happy to announce that during the War of 2012 open beta, we will offer free 3000 daily Tokens and max resources for each player. Players will ONLY receive this pack from 12:00 - 12:10 server time. This will dramatically speed your Empire development. All we ask in return is for you to report any issues you may find in the game so we may research them.

Thank you for playing our Open Beta!
We value your opinions!!
This activity will only last during the Open Beta

Are You Worthy?

The top 50 players will each receive a reward of either an orange equipment set, purple equipment set or a blue equipment set to use for Live Server! Rewards will be issued to those players according to the rankings established at 14:00 server time at the end of the Open Beta. 

Top 1: Randomly get an orange equipment set.
Top 2to 5: Randomly get an orange equipment set.
Top 6to 10: Randomly get a purple equipment set.
Top 11to 20: Randomly get a purple equipment set.
Top 21to 50: Randomly get a blue equipment set.

1. No application necessary. The winners will be based by the server Player Rankings at the end of this activity.
2. The winners list will be published via live news bulletin. Soon after, Open Beta will end. 
3. The winners will receive their equipment 3 days after the official server launch.

1. The equipment sets can be exchanged only after the rewards are sent to their owners on the official server. 
2. All winners will have to create their accounts within 3 days of the server going live. Rewards will be sent to the winner's account directly. All of the winners account names on the new server should be the same as what you had on the Open Beta or you will forfeit the prize.

Open Beta Acceleration


1. Resources consumed for troop recruitment, Building or upgrading speeds and Research will be half the required amount on the live servers during the time of the Open Beta.
2. Your Troop marching speed and Resource production will be doubled.
3. Heroes will gain double experience if used in battles against an NPC or other players.

Who Can Catch the Most Bugs? 

War of 2012 Open Beta 

Players can submit any bugs found to a GM via the forum. Players will receive 1 voucher code if the bug is verified. Each code can be used to claim a reward of 50 Coupons. Players will be able to use them for Beta or when the servers go live.

Rules of the contest:
1. Each bug reported will be checked by the Technical Department and a determination will be made. 
2. If in fact the bug you submitted has been confirmed by the Technical Department, You will be notified and the voucher code will be sent. 
3. In the event that more than one player submits the same bug, the reward will go to the player who submitted it first.

Submitting Format: 

1. Player user name 
2. Have the bug description. How did you experience this bug? Details will help the Technical Department to verify whether the bug exists. Please be specific. 
3. Screen shot of the bug (If you have one)

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